diondo d7

Non-Destructive Testing with High-Energy Linear Accelerators

The diondo d7 is the first and only CT platform made to accommodate 1/3/6 or 9 MeV linear accelerator x-ray sources. The system is highly customizable and able to support the weight of a linear accelerator and provide both digital radiography and CT imaging. In many cases we have been able to shield the system so that it can be used in a 450 Kvp bunker by shielding key parts of the system. The system is designed to penetrate dense bulky objects such as engine blocks, valves, truck tires and large turban blades. The focus is material analysis, detection of porosities, inclusions, cracks, metrology and bonding. The system can be used with two sources and due to its granite construction, it will have a very low level of activation life at high energies and with neutron sources.


High Energy CT Scanners

The diondo D7 and Custom CT solutions provide engineering the tool that they need to inspect large or highly dense objects. Aerospace manufacturers of large boosters utilize our X-ray Computed Tomography in their quality testing laboratories to inspect for small cracks, material separation, porosities and inclusions. The scans of large dense material are made much quicker because he high energy output from the LINAC provides more photons through the object to the detector. 


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