diondo d5

Multi-Functional CT

  • 450 or 600 kV High-Power conventional X-ray sources

  • 240 / 300 kV high wattage micro-focus X-ray sources

  • 820 mm / 200 µm Line detector

  • 417 mm² / 139 mm Flat panel detector

  • 8 Axes granite based manipulation

  • Customized scan volume

Multi X-ray Source and Detector CT

The diondo d5 features a 8 axis granite manipulator for the highest precision and long term stability. The d5 has laser measurement of all axes according to VDI 2617. Straightness, orthogonality, parallelism < 5 μm / m. Also, Heidenhain length measuring system enhances the position repeatability of all axes to +/- 1 μm. The d5 system is versatile and can support two separate x-ray sources. This allows the operator to choose the correct X-ray sources for the application. For instance  we can provide a conventional 450/600 Kvp system and a 240/300 Kvp Micro-Focus system on one platform allowing the inspection of fine components and larger and more dense objects.

Axis   Label   Stroke

1.       Zd  ≥  1,300 mm

2.       Zs  ≥  1,300 mm

3.       Yd  ≥  1,000 mm

4.       Yo   ≥  1,200 mm

5.       Xo    +/- 250 mm

6.       Xs customizable

7.       Xd    +/- 250 mm

8.       Rotation  endless


Micro CT and Industrial CT in One Highly Accurate Package

The diondo d5 takes advantage of highly accurate movements in 8 axis to provide the ultimate in Micro CT imaging. As if that was not enough, we have designed the d5 to quickly switch over to a conventional 600 KV high output x-ray tube. We also provide multiple imaging detectors to optimize image acquisition speed and minimize scatter radiation artifacts. The d5 utilizes an automatic collimator and filtering on it sources. The result is an accurate volumetric image. Whether you are involved with automotive engineering, aerospace engineering or research and development, the d5 is an excellent choice tool that will net you proof of concept and assurance that defined defects are not present. 

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