diondo d4

The d4 provides an extra compact foot print but also provides a walk-in capability so that larger objects can be setup easier. Additionally the diondo d4 provides an extra high power 450 to 650 KV tube for dense material scans of objects. It is made to provide scans where closed high power tube are needed. The system is great for industrial CT, NDT Non-destructive testing, X-ray services, industrial X-ray and digital radiography DR.

The diondo d4 is the preferred system for aerospace engineers to perform inspection of turbine blades. The unparalleled accuracy provides repeatable metrology for inspection of critical components.


The d4 provides the following: 

  • Granite base manipulation system with an accuracy of up to +/- 1 um

  • Various types of scan volume

  • 3D Analysis according to VDI 2630

  • Long-term stability with cooled tube head 320kV/ 450 Kv and 650kV

  • Line detectors with configurable length


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