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diondo d3

The d3 provides the highest precision for large parts and is available with or without a cabinet. This system is designed for the walk-in radiation cabinet or a spacious radiation room. This industrial CT X-ray system with DR is perfect for NDT and X-ray services. The size of the room is decided through collaboration with the customer. The d3 provides the following: 

  • Granite base manipulation system with an accuracy of up to +/- 1 um

  • Wide selection of manipulator dimensions/ movement paths of axis

  • 3D Analysis according to VDI 2630

  • Long-term stability with cooled tube head and turbo pump

  • Micro-focus tubes up to 300 Kvp continuous output rating

  • Helix-CT setting to avoid Feldkamp artifacts


The d3 is suitable for additional integration of mechanical stress testing as well as thermal stress equipment.