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diondo d3

Large Industrial CT Scanner

Large Industrial CT Scanner

The d3 Industrial CT provide the highest mechanical precision for large and odd sized objects; it is available with or without a X-ray cabinet. The d3 also provides X-ray inspection using the highest quality CT scan electronics and positioning feedback sensors. This system is designed for the walk-in radiation cabinet or a spacious radiation room. This industrial CT X-ray system with DR is perfect for NDT and X-ray services. The size of the room is decided through collaboration with the customer.

The d3 is suitable for additional integration of mechanical stress testing as well as thermal stress equipment.

The d3 CT Scanner Specification

The d3 provides the following: 
  • Granite base manipulation system with an accuracy of up to +/- 1 um
  • Wide selection of manipulator dimensions/ movement paths of axis
  • 3D Analysis according to VDI 2630
  • Long-term stability with cooled tube head and turbo pump
  • Micro-focus tubes up to 300 Kvp, 500watts continuous output rating
  • Helix-CT settings eliminate Feldkamp artifacts
X-ray Inspection

The d3 can be fitted with a variety of industrial X-ray detectors. We optimize product in our CT manufacturing company to meet the customers needs. This system can have dual detector types as well  as dual tubes so that you can get the penetration of a large conventional X-ray tube and the fine focus of the micro CT system. Our goal is to provide the customer the most versatile product platform available.  

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