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diondo d2

Micro CT Scanner as an Important NDT Tool

The high-resolution micro-focus CT also known as the micro CT scanner system, integrated with the diondo d2 industrial CT software package is developed for detailed analysis of small to medium-sized inspection objects. This industrial X-ray CT system uses the highest resolution digital radiography (DR) panel available for superior NDT and X-ray imaging results. Additionally, the diondo d2 X-ray tube provides absolute continuous operation at 300 KV 500 watts of any Micro CT system.

Material Science, Mechanical Engineers

and Quality Assurance Engineers

The diondo d2 is commonly used by engineers and material scientists for volumetric imaging of composite materials to help reveal structural defects like internal delamination or fiber orientation that lead to weakness or cracks, and shear fractures. The additive manufacturing processes for powder fusion, direct energy deposition, sheet lamination are easily visualized with diondo d2 to inspect micro cracks, porosities and excess materials. Micro-focus CT is also a very important tool to use when visualizing defects in the aerospace manufacturing processes. Your aerospace testing lab and/or quality lab can utilize industrial CT as a part of the quality inspection processes. 3D X-ray metrology with the diondo CT system is highly accurate due to our utilization of a total granite system with the best movement tracking accurate to less that 1 micron. Aerospace CT requirements are addressed with ASTM 2597 and ASTM 2737. Software controls are supplied whereas a detector test can be performed according to the ASTM standard. The button "ASTM 2597“ opens the region for the Bad Pixel Test and the button "ASTM 2737“ for the Detector image Quality Test.

Metal Additive Manufacturing

diondo d2 is made for material  science professionals to provide them the most effective NDT CT imaging to analyze bonding cracks and porosity in newly developed processes and materials for Powder Fusion, Sheet Lamination, Direct Energy Deposition or Metal Castings. The cost and time savings by utilizing the part changer will allow you to provide your analysis quickly and concisely while performing other tasks. If your quality lab is busy as most are, this option is perfect for making quality testing more productive. At very high resolution, CT scanning can take a long time. At diondo we realize this and provide separate computers for acquisition of the image, reconstruction of the image and analysis of the image. Additionally, the operator can select a region of interest (ROI) to target so that the computing time is not as great. 

The Additive Manufacturing Engineer

Maximize Production Efficiency Part Chan

The demanding and fast pace of aerospace engineering and additive manufacturing engineering requires a new productive way to use tools. When your lab is not used 24/7 the development curve will steepen and new materials that are stronger and more light weight are not developed as fast. For the engineer we have developed a way to be ever more productive by automating materials and component testing leaving you free to participate in other activities and experiences that are part of your life. As the example to the left shows, one can set the machine to image several pieces. Even if they are different materials, the system can be set to provide different KV, micro amps, ROI and filtering for every scan. Using the diondo d2 CT system is fun and it makes your job as a material scientist and quality assurance tester subjective and more interesting. When scanning any part that you are provided, you will have the tools to set up the diondo d2 CT system to repeat all batch parameters and assure accurate high resolution imaging results. Click for more information on Micro CT or Additive Manufacturing.

Additive Manufacturing D2 and D5.gif


Micro CT imaging of composite material provides excellent high resolution images revealing delamination of fibers. Additionally and equally important is revealing the fiber orientation to help determine weakness and the migration of cracks. The use of the diondo d2 provides the highest accuracy and repeatability. The CT Scanner is ideal for aerospace manufacturing because of it's part changer and highly accurate calibration according to ASTM 2597 and ASTM 2737. The d2 industrial services for 3d X-ray assures imaging compliance and accuracy.

Ideal CT Imaging Technology

diondo ensures the ideal combination of imaging technology for the best resolution and material penetration. In this way the final set-up complies with the detailed requirements of the specific application.


The diondo d2 system user community can choose from a broad range of optional equipment including the automatic part changer that will boost the scan throughput and enables CT scans during  off hours without operator intervention. Also, couple that with diondo’s motorized filter changer and you get automatic X-ray beam quality adjustments so different materials can be scanned with optimal technique and beam hardening resulting in excellent image quality. With the d2 industrial services offered, there is higher productivity. The batch mode will allow an operator to set the machine up and perform other tasks for as long as it takes to finish the scans.

d2 System Specification

Reflection Tube...........................190 up to 300 [kV]

Transmission Tube.......................160 up to 300 [kV]

Detector.........................3.000 x 3.000 px, 139 [µm]

Focus-Detector-Distance...400 - 1200 [mm], variable

Scan Volume..............................Ø 320 x 265 H [mm]

Scan Volume, vert. MKE *..........Ø 320 x 700 H [mm]

Scan Volume, maximal...............Ø 520 x 650 H [mm]

Sample Weight...............................................50 [kg]

 Dimensions **.......L 2.900 x B 2.050 x H 2.180 [mm]

System Weight..........................................0,5 / 15 [t]

diControl .........DR Function, Helix CT, Batch Mode,

Daily Check, Health Monitor, Offset & Limited Angle

Metrology.....5 µm +L /100, VDI/VDE 2630-1.3, uvm.

Manipulation.........................Granite based, 5/6 axes

*MKE : Measuring Circle Extension
** Standard system 240 kV plus control cabinet

Customized adjustments are available on request.

Material Analysis
Additive Manufacturing Engineer
d2 System Specifications
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