diondo d2

The high-resolution microfocus industrial CT (Micro-CT) system diondo d2, has been developed for detailed analysis of small to medium-sized inspection objects. This industrial X-ray CT system uses the highest resolution digital radiography DR panel available for superior NDT and X-ray services results.


The Micro-CT system can be equipped with a transmission and /or reflection source. Simply choose the optimal type of source by selecting the maximum KV, target-power and focal spot resolution required.  We also provide the flexibility to select the detector size and resolution. diondo ensures the ideal combination for the best resolution and material penetration. In this way the final set-up complies with the detailed requirements of the specific application.


The diondo d2 system user community can choose from a broad range of optional equipment including the automatic inspection part changer that will boost the scan throughput and enables CT scans during  off hours without operator intervention. Also, couple that with diondo’s motorized filter changer and you get automatic X-ray beam quality adjustments so different materials can be scanned with optimal technique and beam hardening resulting in excellent image quality.


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