diondo d1

Compact CT Scanning System

The d1 compact CT system is accurate, fast easy to use and flexible. diondo d1 compact CT includes premium component parts that permanently adhere to a granite base. Its inherent strength and temperature stability guarantee perfect results for many years. Features include the following:

  • 5 Axes include glass scales

  • Granite based Manipulator

  • 3D Analysis According to VDI/ VDE 2630 Guidelines

  • Helix-CT with the highest detail recognition avoiding Feldkamp-artifacts

  • Long term stability

The d1 system can use conventional X-ray and Micro-focus transmission target or reflection target X-ray tubes up to 250 Kvp. The detector type can be determined for each application. We work carefully with our clients to choose the right imaging modality for the job. It is well known that diondo provides a collaborative approach to developing the statement of work and system specifications.


CT Scanning Software

The diondo CT scanning software is simple to use and intuitive. The operator is able to quickly set up a project from other saved templates so that the optimum radiation technique is utilized. The software stores the resolution, gain, filtering, panel characteristics and calibration files to save the operator time when running a scan of a known object. The software is similar on all of the diondo machines so that the operator only needs to be trained once and is able to operate all of the diondo family of machines. Once the calibration is achieved using the standard, the operator need not calibrate the CT system for several months due to the granite construction. Even where there are floor vibrations from industrial equipment and tow motors, the diondo machines calibration holds true.

What is VDI/VDE 2630 ?

A standard for "computed tomography in dimensional measurement." It is used for the "determination of the uncertainty of measurement and the test process suitability of coordinate measurement systems with CT sensors." In other words, we test the CT system with several fixed points in space and geometrically magnify the image and verify accuracy.