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diondo custom CT 

custom ct

Industrial CT Software

Creating the Worlds Most Intuitive Industrial CT Software for the Digital 3D Imaging and Industrial CT Scanner Operator.

The diondo custom Industrial CT and Digital Radiography DR system requirements are developed through detailed collaboration with our customers. We provide NDT system designs and we manufacture to achieve desired results. Additionally, we are using state-of-the-art analytical software to confirm a material's characteristics.

These customized systems include capabilities for all X-ray and Neutron sources from Nano-focus and micro focus applications to 15 MeV linear accelerator system applications. diondo will work with your engineers to achieve desired imaging results.


We will provide CT systems and industrial CT software that fit applications for the following: Additive Manufacturing, Aerospace, Automotive, Casting, Dental, Defense, Electronics, Food, Medical Manufacturing, Plastics, Porosity Analysis, Inclusion Analysis, Wall Thickness Analysis, Metrology, Nominal/ Actual Comparison. 

The picture you see to the right is a Digital Weld Inspection system for copper vessels. The system also provides CT inspection for the customer so that they are assured there are no leaks in the vessel. Applications such as this require CT software customization and validation to prevent machine crashes and to assure accuracy. The movement and mechanical indexing of our machines are within a 1 micron tolerance. 

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