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XRH Robot Star 

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XRH Robot Star – For high throughput

In high volume industries like automotive the requirement for a hundred percent X-ray inspection creates a bottleneck in the production. The XRH Robot Star is a fully automated in-line inspection robot-system that allows unmatched processing speed while fulfilling all common industry and company standards. The system has multiple successful installations worldwide especially for the inspection of medium sized aluminum castings. By building a parallelized cluster solution consisting of several cabinets the throughput can be adjusted to the production output.

The underlying principle is the parallelization of processes to reduce the inspection overhead. The X-ray components are mounted on a C-Arm, which is attached to the inner robot. On the outside a second robot loads parts on the part-table and distributes the tested parts to a pass or scrap conveyor. The test positions and inspection sequences are highly optimized through extensive case studies by experienced VisiConsult application engineers. As every millisecond counts in high volume production all processes are highly optimized


Automated Defect Recognition (ADR)

The XRHRobotStar needs no human interaction for system operation or defect classiication. This entitles the system for 24/7 unmanned operation resulting in reduced labor costs and an absolute process safety. The VisiConsult ADR is capable of detecting all common defects like porosity, inclusions etc. and can carry out complex tasks like measurement jobs, completeness checks, itting control and many more. Part identiication is done through interacted DMC, RFID or Barcode readers. Proven through many successful reference installations worldwide the VisiConsult ADR is the most flexible automation suite as all processes can be easily customized towards special requirement.


High Volume Digital X-ray Inspection 

In case of extreme production volumes, the inspection throughput can be easily scaled by grouping systems to inspection clusters. The connected systems can be interfaced to the same conveyors and communicate to maximize the eiciency. In times of high production diversity and short life-cycles it is important to have a lexible inspection system. The XRHRobotStar recognizes the part type and applies the correct inspection sequences. This allows the system to be used for mixed production

Patented Multi-Point Positioning System

The combination of high-end industrial robots with an inhouse developed and patented positioning solution leads to an ultra-low misdetection rate. Optical pre-positioning and complex image rectification make sure the system delivers repeatable results complying to the most demanding industry and company standards.

The core of the system is our in-house developed image enhancement system Xplus that sets new industry standards.
Constant development and 25 years of experience
combined with a maximum flexibility towards special process requirements help our customers to be a step ahead!
Advanced features like overlay tools, macro generators, filter
builders, live image enhancement, report toolkits, DICONDE
integration, measurement tools and many more make the
Xplus the most sophisticated software on the market.
It fulfills all major international industry standards like ASTM,
EN17636-2, Boeing 7042/44, NADCAP and many more.
VisiConsult is a highly agile and flexible solution provider.
Therefore, special software or even hardware requirements
can be easily implemented on customer demand.

To find even the tiniest failures in test-parts our renowned image enhancement system Xplus has a broad portfolio of enhancement features to deliver sharp and noise-reduced images. A combination of real-time noise reduction (MotionDetect) and image enhancement (LiveFilters) highlights defects that were not visible for the human eye before. This results in brilliant images during live inspection, while the high dynamic range allows to look into different material thickness at the same time.


Broad Choice of Tubes and Detectors

To provide the best inspection results VisiConsult supplies
a big variety of X-ray components. Tube and detector can
be freely combined depending on customer preferences or
application requirements, which are determined through
complex case studies. The portfolio includes maintenance
free mono-blocks, micro, focus tubes and normal X-ray tubes,
while detectors from renown brands like Perkin Elmer,
Thales Varian and many more are available. Customizable
ilter-shutter units can be added to increase the image quality
and extend the detector lifetime.


XRH Robot Star - Technical Specification

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