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XRH222 Pipe 

XRH111ECO Object Manipulator.jpg

XRH222 Pipe is Safe, Reliable and Efficient  

Safe for handling of explosive material and 100% process stability The XRH222Pipe is developed to provide a maximum handling safety, process stability and efficiency in the X-ray inspection of tubes or tube-like objects with a maximum length of 2200mm and a diameter from 100mm to 200mm. The spark proof and anti-static system is also certified to handle delicate or explosive material. As always all hardware movements and software functions can be automated in sequences.

A typical inspection cycle looks as follows: The drawer moves out of the cabinet and the tube is loaded by hand or by crane. The operator scans in the part number, which is directly inserted into the image as an overlay. The drawer moves in automatically and the doors are closing. The inspection procedure starts at the first defined position and automatically executes all defined steps. Reliable – Count on market-proven and certified image quality Experience brilliant quality through the Xplus image enhancement system. VisiConsult is especially proud to be certified by the NADCAP and Boeing 7042/7044 standards.

With a successful installation at a global operating defense company the XRH222Pipe is recognized for high end military inspection tasks with demanding standards. The XRH222Pipe is designed for a maximum safety, process stability and efficiency for any kind of tube or tube like object. The image enhancement, handling system, safety control and the DICONDE storage are bundled into one comprehensive workplace for a maximum convenience. A high degree of automation, like automatically included IQI for quality verification, overlays, sequences and much more leave no room for inspection mistakes by the operator. A customized enhancement is dividing the live screen into two portions to see the dark middle zone and the lighter border zone in one image.

XHR 222 Pipe Inspection Process Video

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