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XRH Gantry 

XRH111ECO Object Manipulator.jpg

XRH Gantry – High Inspection Flexibility

The inspection of heavy, big or oddly shaped parts demands for a versatile and scalable system. The XRHGantry is a roofmounted turnkey solution with seven programmable axes. Energies up to 450kV and a broad detector choice make this system the answer to many diferent inspection problems. Seven independently controlled axes let the XRHGantry fulfll even the most advanced requirements. A highlight is the tilting feature, that achieves an elliptical view of double wall welds, and the controllable magnification, that allows to dynamically to zoom into a region of interest.

The ultra-precise CNC motors allow to automate common inspection procedures can be automated into sequences. The coupled movement ensures that the detector and tube are always perpendicular to avoid distortion. Heavy parts can be moved into the inspection room on rails, lifting carts or even fork lifters. The dimensions of the XRHGantry can be modifed to ft the existing inspection room. If there is no inspection room, VisiConsult can also deliver the system inside a foldable X-ray cabinet for increased mobility.

Broad Choice of Tubes and Detectors

To provide the best inspection results VisiConsult supplies
a big variety of X-ray components. Tube and detector can
be freely combined depending on customer preferences or
application requirements, which are determined through
complex case studies. The portfolio includes maintenance
free mono-blocks, micro, focus tubes and normal X-ray tubes,
while detectors from renown brands like Perkin Elmer,
Thales Varian and many more are available. Customizable
ilter-shutter units can be added to increase the image quality
and extend the detector lifetime.

XRH Gantry Technical Specifications.jpg
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