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XRH Tank and Heavy Pipe 

XRH111ECO Object Manipulator.jpg

XRH Tank is Completely Automated 

The XRHTank is designed as an automatic inspection system of tank, vessel or boiler welds. All inspection steps can be completely automated for a maximum efficiency and process stability. Images can be inspected during inspection or later. The system can be used as an in-line inspection or just for spot checks depending on the requirements. The system can be completely customized depending on the exact part type, dimensions, material or thickness. The X-ray setup can also be chosen freely as the Xplus can work with all common hardware on the market. An advanced control software ensures collision detection, safety surveillance and direct X-ray control.

The system can have different complexities; from manual to fully automated inspection everything is possible. In the high end version, the system inspects all longitudinal and circumferential welds of both halves and then checks the complete tank after connecting. In the next step a complex mechanic is inspecting the connection weld and optionally even the manhole. A combination with CR plates and scanner is a semi-automated alternative to the complete setup.

The Xplus image enhancement system provides a broad portfolio of tools to increase the image quality. Of special importance is an advanced noise reduction that is compliant to EN-17636. To assist the operator a variety of filters highlight the defects for further inspection assistance. To store the images compliant to archiving laws the customer can choose from different platforms like DICONDE, image-file plus overlay, databases and many more. Inspection can also be decoupled from image acquisition.

Automated Pipe Inspection Process Video

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