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XRH111 eco

XRH111ECO Object Manipulator.jpg

XRH111 eco – Reduces investment cost

X-ray inspection is a necessary requirement to meet
modern production standards. For many companies in
cost-sensitive markets the investment into a cabinet or
inspection services is a major cost factor. Designed purely
for visual X-ray inspection the XRH111 is a budget cabinet
for energies up to 225kV. The pure focus on basic features
results in an unmatched cost-beneit ratio. While still using
high quality components, VisiConsult removed advanced
features like CNC controllable axes, ADR and CT to reduce
the overall price. Why should you pay for something you
do not need?

This concept creates an ideal cabinet for small companies,
emergent markets or cost sensitive industries. To maintain
the known inspection quality, the XRH111 is optimized
for manual X-ray inspection of small to medium parts. The
proven Xplus image enhancement software ofers the same
ilters, measurement tools and archiving options as any
other VisiConsult system. If necessary, the modular design
of the system allows to add more advanced hardware
features at any time.


Modular Design and High Quality

For a maximum safety the cabinet is certified by the German
TÜV and CE to ensure no X-ray leakage and fulfillment of all
related standards. The robust industrial design, developed
and produced in Germany, guarantees a long lifetime and
low downtimes even in demanding conditions. The system
is designed for ergonomic operation and easy loading of
parts through the extendable part drawer. The fork lifter
pockets and fast system setup procedure ensure a high
mobility. This makes the system also the perfect choice for
service companies that constantly have to move the system
to diferent locations.

xplus image enhancement DIGITAL X-ray.jpg

X-plus – Discover the Invisible

The core of the system is our in-house developed image
enhancement system Xplus that sets new industry standards.
Constant development and 25 years of experience
combined with a maximum lexibility towards special
process requirements help our customers to be a step ahead!
Advanced features like overlay tools, macro generators, ilter
builders, live image enhancement, report toolkits, DICONDE
integration, measurement tools and many more make the
Xplus the most sophisticated software on the market.
It fulills all major international industry standards like ASTM,
EN17636-2, Boeing 7042/44, NADCAP and many more.
VisiConsult is a highly agile and lexible solution provider.
Therefore, special software or even hardware requirements
can be easily implemented on customer demand!

To find even the tiniest failures in test-parts our renowned image
enhancement system X-plus has a broad portfolio of enhancement features to deliver sharp and noise-reduced images.
A combination of real-time noise reduction (Motion Detect) and image enhancement (Live Filters) highlights defects that were not visible for the human eye before. This results in brilliant images during live inspection, while the high dynamic range allows to look into different material thickness at the same time.

Broad Choice of Tubes and Detectors

To provide the best inspection results VisiConsult supplies
a big variety of X-ray components. Tube and detector can
be freely combined depending on customer preferences or
application requirements, which are determined through
complex case studies. The portfolio includes maintenance
free mono-blocks, micro, focus tubes and normal X-ray tubes,
while detectors from renown brands like Perkin Elmer,
Thales Varian and many more are available. Customizable
ilter-shutter units can be added to increase the image quality
and extend the detector lifetime.


XRH111 eco - Technical Specification

Max. part size (mm - Ø x height) 400 x 600
Max. part weight (kg) 25
System size (mm L x W x H) 1770 x 1407 x 2290
System weight (kg) 2800
Energy (kV) 160, 225
Horizontal motion TX (mm) 415
Magnification TY (mm) 340
Focus Detector Distance FDD (mm) 1225

The XRH111 offers an unmatched cost-benefit ratio for high quality visual X-ray inspection.
• Optimized for visual X-ray inspection
• Easy loading trough extendable drawer
• Highly mobile and fast setup time
• Developed for the automotive industry
• Four motor driven axis and manual magnification
• Intuitive operation for maximum efficiency
• Extensive archiving options including DICONDE

Focus Object Distance FOD (mm) 600 - 940
Vertical motion TZ (mm) 660
Manipulator tilt RX (deg.) +/- 20°
Part rotation RZ (deg.) 360° multiturn


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