Why use industrial CT?

Computed Tomography (CT) systems also known as 3D X-ray or industrial CT are used to record and display volumetric imaging data for different complex materials and objects.  Images or slices are captured using digital imaging radiographic arrays or DR at an optimal frequency and position to maximize resolution throughout the 360 degrees around the object. Small digital detector pixel size from linear diode arrays and flat panel arrays as well as focal spots achieved with micro focus x-ray tubes can render a volumetric 3D image at 5 microns resolution or better. Industrial CT is now a mainstream imaging tool that can discern fiber composites, metal castings, metal composites as well as other new alloys and materials created by additive manufacturing or 3D printing. All of these operations are performed via intuitive CT software to assure precise manipulator alignment, exposure, acquisition and reconstruction of the entire set of slices resulting in an image that can be analyzed by the level 3 operator.

What is In Situ CT?

The In-Situ CT system will test material in real life conditions so that detail analysis can be made to characterize failure conditions of novel materials and components. diondo's intuitive industrial CT software will quantify defects and and help engineers visualize the improvements required in the manufacturing process.            

Who does CT imaging Help?

We provide quality micro CT, In-situ CT, High Energy CT   X-ray systems and services for additive manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, composite research, defense, electronics, foundries and plastics manufacturing.    


Installation Planning

We collaborate with facility engineers, production managers and operators to find the best available site location in your facility and provide ongoing support for architectural planning including power requirements, production flow, environmental requirements and safety.

The diondo team provides a program manager and support staff to review all aspects of the project. The 3D X-ray system requires X-ray shielding that is safe and effective. We model the room and the placement of the equipment to keep the X-ray facility shielding costs low. We also review the plans to make sure that the Micro CT system and/ or conventional 450 KV system can be productive through careful planning of the scan envelop and payload requirements. diondo provides the best site planning and leaves nothing to chance.

Product Selection

We are dedicated to working with our customers to find the right CT inspection solution. We have a complete line of computed tomography Systems and Services that will meet your production needs. We provide Nano CT, Micro CT, Conventional CT and Linear Accelerator Based CT and DR systems. Whatever your CT requirement may be, diondo will work diligently with you to make the right choice. Additionally we used our experience to demonstrate the imaging capability of your tube and detector combination. We will provide industrial computed tomography scanning of parts so that you have a good start to a quality plan. The information you receive from us will help you quantify your desired results and objectively measure expectations. You can be assured that diondo industrial CT software is the best and the easiest to navigate.

Engineering Support,  CT Training and CT Services

Our engineers are highly trained and certified CT Technicians who can provide system training, repairs and operational services. You are one phone call away from getting help. We provide remote and on site training, maintenance and repairs. Additionally, we can provide onsite applications fixturing and support to image your difficult parts with precision and optimal volumetric viewing. We provide outstanding technology upgrades that will transform your system into a current high tech Industrial CT

digital imaging machine. We provide you the best proven industrial CT software for porosity analysis, 3D metrology, nominal/ actual comparisons, wall thickness analysis and inclusion analysis. We provide X-ray scanning services that will demonstrate the effectiveness of volumetric imaging to find flaws in materials.


With more than 25 years of experience in the development of computed tomography (CT) systems, diondo is the specialist for innovative and application specific Micro CT, Conventional CT and High Energy CT solutions. Having diondo CT as part of your quality testing toolbox provides you unparalleled visualization of flaw detection. We provide major quality labs our equipment so that they can provide proof that designs and products are safe and effective.


The company with its headquarter in Hattingen, Germany and US office in Las Vegas NV, focuses on standard as well as customized industrial CT systems by using a wide range of vendor independent X-ray sources and digital imaging detectors.

Inclusion of the "d" series, Linear Accelerator CT and In-situ CT equipment in the diondo product range has completed the inspection solutions in the world of 3D.

diondo Inc., USA provides CT Sales, Field Service, Product Assembly and final test for the American market.



Technology And Learning Center

Under the CT Technology tab, we will display information concerning all of the technology and how it came into play. Just click on the topic of choice. We will discuss the development and current best practices. As you know, "CT produces data that can be manipulated in order to demonstrate various [material] structures based on their ability to absorb the X-ray beam. Although, historically [in a medical setting,] the images generated were in the axial or transverse plane, perpendicular to the long axis of the [human] body, modern scanners allow this volume of data to be reformatted in various planes or even as volumetric (3D) representations of structures." Nondestructive testing or NDT CT generally uses the part rotation method to help lower costs and take advantage of highly accurate positioning such is used with CNC machining instead of rotating the gantry. "Another example is archaeological uses such as imaging the contents of sarcophagi or ceramics. Individuals responsible for performing CT exams are called radiographers or radiologic technologists." (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CT_scanThe radiographers provide setup of the object such that it is penetrated by the x-ray beam with a bit count that is sufficient to explore defects or anomalies and develop an understanding of the material makeup. The radiographer optimizes the geometric planes of the object to minimize scatter artifacts and other anomalies or imaging degradation such as blurring, and noise.




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